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This circuit runs through “molleras” (beer towers), walks in the coolness and murmur of the intimate, poetic and silent stream. Breaking this tranquility, a few rough or stony passages will hinder your journey.

Lac de Balcère Mountain lake, located at an altitude of 1770 m, in an exceptional picturesque mountain setting. It is bordered by a pine forest and easily accessible by car or by free shuttle from the village resort of Les Angles.

Very well known to fishermen, it also offers everything that can be appreciated by holidaymakers: the calm, the natural beauty of the place as well as the presence of discreet facilities for walks, family picnics, with a refreshment chalet and the chalet -reception of the fishing tourist route. The fishing course is of high quality, with the possibility of making very good catches of rainbow trout and brook salmon.

Climbing activity is also given pride of place on the mythical “Roc des Maures”, a rock for beginners and advanced players which perfectly complements this natural site. Legend has it that at the top of this rock a fortress was built by the Moors who were then in the region, but also that the biblical Noah, at the time of the flood, had moored his ark there to an iron ring.

The elders say that the lake is unimaginably deep, we have never been able to know exactly the depth of the waters. It is also said that once a cart pulled by two cows entered it and disappeared forever.

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