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La montagne regorge d’endroits magnifiques à visiter et d’activités divertissantes à pratiquer seul, en famille ou entre amis. Pour vous, nous avons sélectionné les incontournables : lacs en altitude, sommets mythiques, activités spéciales Les Angles…

Mountain lakes

In Les Angles two lakes are acknowledged for their natural beauty and fishing. At more than 1,700 metres above sea level, they’ll guarantee freshness and great catches…

Balcère Lake

A mountain lake at an altitude of 1,770 metres, located in a picturesque setting bordered by a pine forest and easily reachable by car or shuttle.

A landscaped site

For family picnics, with a refreshment lodge and a reception chalet for the fishermen. The Sentier d’Emilie offers easy walks and rock climbing for beginners and the more advanced.
The fishing tour is of very high quality, providing a chance to catch rainbow trout, trout fario and brook salmon.

Aude Lake

Located in the commune of Les Angles, Lac d’Aude lies at 2,136 m, at the foot of the Roc d’Aude. It’s the source of the Aude River.

Amazing views from the peaks of Cerdagne and Capcir. Back via the Petit Péric, an untroubled descent as far as the cabin in La Balmette.

The Legendary Summits

There are lots of summits and peaks in the Pyrénées Orientales… but some are extraordinary! Come and find the five must-sees that guarantee hiking and exceptional panoramic views…

The Carlit

The highest peak in the Pyrénées-Orientales, the Carlit provides wonderful views. If you climb up via Les Bouillouses you’ll be able to discover a succession of magnificent lakes, making your hiking unique.

The path doesn’t pose any particular difficulties

Only the last part of the ascent is steep, requiring you to use your hands to make the climbing easier. However, people who suffer from vertigo may still be overwhelmed. It’s a high mountain route aimed at people with at least a little experience of the mountains. Appropriate materials and equipment are therefore essential.

The Petit and the Grand Péric

Amazing views from the peaks of Cerdagne and Capcir. Back via the Petit Péric, an untroubled descent as far as the cabin in La Balmette.

The Roc d’Aude and the Mont Llaret

To the south-west, at the foot of the Roc d’Aude, lies the Lac d’Aude, where the river with the same name has its source.

The summit can be reached along the hiking trails

With Mount Llaret it constitutes a small mountain range, steep in places but with the highest part forming a flat area with a small aerodrome. The eastern and northern slopes of this massif have been developed to make way for the ski slopes of the resort of Les Angles.

Bike Park

Children and adults will enjoy unforgettable days. The Angles Bike Park is made up of 9 downhill tracks with 5 levels of difficulty. 5-10% of these slopes are intended for beginners, 40-50% for intermediate riders and 30-40% for more advanced ones.

A 500 drop

30 km of downhill mountain biking tracks for all levels

They can be reached via the Les Pèlerins cable car. Everyone can find their place in the Park, from beginners to more advanced riders. Children and adults will enjoy unforgettable days. The tracks are varied in terms of their difficulty and the views. They’ll take your breath away!

Lou Bac Mountain

The new and sensational attraction at the Les Angles resort meanders through the forest, combining bends and descents… Everyone’s the rider of their own toboggan in complete safety, managing the braking and controlling the speed.

The new monorail toboggan is among the top 10 in the world.

It’s the unmissable attraction at the resort. Unique sensations guaranteed for kids and grown-ups!

A 70% incline!

The toboggan descends for 2,000 metres with a drop of 430 metres. It can reach a maximum speed of 42 km/h.


The Espace Angléo welcomes you to a unique place, somewhere in a dream where water, stone, wood, snow, make-believe and pleasure come together.

Forget the hassles of everyday life!

Relax in a place you’ve never seen before

Enjoy the rays of the sun!

Come and unwind in our Balnéo and Wellness areas, along a scented path combining bubbling beds, saunas, and steam rooms. Whether you’re with your family or friends, enjoy a moment of relaxation or a simple fitness session with a breathtaking view of the skiing area, Matemale Lake and the old village of Les Angles.