Nature resort



Our measures

In order to preserve the precious fauna and flora and the environment in which they evolve, special precautions must be put in place.

Environmental measures

The resort of Les Angles implements actions to reduce and control its impact on the surrounding environment.
Our behaviours and attitudes must be adapted to make the most of the mountain, its biodiversity and its magnificent landscapes.
The proliferation of eco-responsible initiatives is of real importance in the sustainable development of our territory. Reducing the ecological footprint of the commune and its resort constitutes a real environmental challenge in the short, mid and long terms.

A rigorous protocol

This is intended to demand (and ensure) a high level of quality, safety and environmental protection from all our equipment, handling, development and production.

The ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 labels were obtained by the resort in October 2017 and April 2007.

tick The protection of the Grand Tétras by installing anti-collision devices on the cables of the ski lifts.

tick The use of organic products (oils, degreasers) in all our services.

tick Prevention of soil and water pollution.

tick A waste collection day is organised every summer on the slopes.

The commune

A highly committed and innovative environmental policy.

tick Limitation of urban development to protect the landscapes and agricultural areas.

tick Careful management of the water resources.

tick The water stocks and supply of the commune and the snow cannons are kept under close surveillance.

tick GPS management of the depth of the snow for grooming.

tick Increased air volume in the snow cannons for better snow production.

tick Any measure for development (buildings, paths, ski lifts) provides prior identification of “areas with naturalistic challenges” and relies on highly elaborate geographic information systems (GIS) to make the best decisions.

Station nature vue

A certified resort

Because we want you to feel comfortable at our resort, we have put Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy at the heart of our concerns.

DEKRA Seal ISO 9001


The ISO 09 001 standard

tick A privileged welcome and human contact.

tick Satisfaction surveys at your disposal to help us.

tick Personalised replies to your requests and complaints.

DEKRA Seal ISO 45001


The ISO 45 001 standard

tick Building safety.

tick Protection of workers against risks.

tick Control and reduction of accidents.

tick Development of a culture of occupational health and safety.

DEKRA Seal ISO 14001


The ISO 14 001 standard

tick Sorting of waste (paper, ink cartridges, batteries, etc.)

tick Distribution of disposable ashtrays.

tick Limitation on electricity consumption (heating, lighting, etc.).

tick Setting up of specific activities to raise holidaymakers’ awareness of the environment:
Environ’Angles Day/Waste collection day.
– Organisation of thematic weeks related to the environment (Fête de Balcère, Festi’Lac, etc.).

DEKRA Seal ISO 50001


The ISO 50 001 standard

tick Energy efficiency. Purchase of energy-efficient products and services. Adoption of tools to improve energy performance.

tick Training and awareness of our employees.

tick Control and reduction of our consumption of electricity, diesel fuel, etc.

Flocon Vert

The town has had its first flocon vert (green snowflake) since October 2021.
The label, developed by the Mountain Riders association, guarantees the sustainable commitment of mountain tourist destinations.

4 thematic areas (governance & destination, local economy, social & cultural, natural resources and ecology) are scrutinised by the labelling committee.
This label gives mountain lovers a clear vision of exemplary tourist destinations. Choosing a flocon vert resort for a holiday means supporting responsible tourism.

Electrical terminals

The commune is setting up terminals that recharge electric and hybrid cars.



Recharging a vehicle has never been so easy for subscribers and occasional users.

Information on the Les Angles charging stations:
Rue des Tennis Rue de la Poste

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