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17 bis rue du Cantou
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In the heart of the pretty village of Les Angles, close to the ski slopes, the Angléo spa complex and all shops, house in In the heart of the pretty village of Les Angles, close to the ski slopes, the Angléo spa complex and all shops, house of character including two superimposed cottages: Anthémis I and II. In full privatization version, Anthémis III will be ideal for large families: 144 m², 12 people. On the 1st floor, apartment of 51 m², 4 people: dining room / kitchen / living room (2 pull-out beds of 80 cm), 1 bedroom (1 double bed 140), bathroom, separate toilet 2nd floor: duplex apartment of 93 m², 8 people: dining room / kitchen / living room, balcony , 2 bedrooms (with 1 double bed 140), 1 bedroom (2 single beds pushed together, 2 pull-out beds in 80) 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets. Netflix, Android TV, Sheets and towels provided, firewood provided in moderation. Ground floor: private closed garage for one vehicle, closed storage room; skis, bikes or motorcycles.

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12 personnes
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Wifi Internet access
Heating included
Microwave oven
Private washing machine

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Credit card
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Week (furnished) 2107,00 € 3612,00 € 2604,00 € 3780,00 €

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17 bis rue du Cantou

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+33 6 52 27 27 31|+33 4 68 68 42 88

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+33 7 66 21 59 46

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