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A new thematic trail is also accessible from 4 years old: “PASTORAL DE GAGNADE”. Xicoll (pronounced Chicoll) is the dog of cowherd Jordi from the Balcère-Lladure mountain pasture.

For 10 years he has been working on this summer pasture… One day, a big storm breaks out and the whole herd scatters on the summer pasture. Jordi lost his stuff!!

Partez avec Xicoll à l’aventure…

Discover his work, that of the cowherd and the life they have led for years. You will know the mountain, with its specific fauna and flora, at your fingertips!

As you follow the map, the herding dog will guide you to learn more about grazing and equipment and share advice from his mountain experience!

Departure and arrival are at the Lac de Balcère car park. Go for about 4.5 kilometers, for 2 hours to 2 hours 30 minutes of walking.

Journalist :
Hello Thomas, you have just spent a week in Les Angles with your children. I know you didn’t know Les Angles. How did you discover this village?

Indeed I came on vacation with my wife and my 3 children of 12, 7 and 5 years old. We come from the Paris region and we did not know Les Angles. We decided on our destination based on what we could do with the kids. Because with 3 children of very different ages, it is not easy to find. Les Angles ticked many of our criteria because it is a village with the family + label.

Journalist :
So you have discovered the resort’s family themed trails. Can you tell us about it?

We did a lot of activities during our stay, especially the activities on the shores of Lake Matemale where each of our children could find something to have fun. We still wanted to hike but it’s not easy with 1 5 year old. At the tourist office we bought the leaflet on family hikes and decided to discover the hike on the Gagnade pastoral trail. We are city dwellers and the idea of ​​seeing real cows appealed to us. The start of this hike is from the Lac de Balcère. We took the picnic in the bag. The trail is quite shaded and therefore very pleasant. Regularly we find panels with the story of the cowherd and his dog Xicoll. It’s very fun for children, even for my son Mathéo who is 5 years old. After 1 hour of quiet climb towards the summer pasture, we arrive on the gagnade plateau where we find cows! My children are delighted. We decide to picnic on the tables provided for this purpose. We quietly end the hike while continuing the story of Jordi the cowherd.

Journalist :
Only did this hike… regrets?

Unfortunately there is too much to do here and not much time!! But for sure, we will come back to Les Angles to discover the other family hikes!

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