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My first dive under the ice of a mountain lake!

I had an experience similar to a scientific expedition!

I came for a weekend to the ski resort of Les Angles, a resort-village in the Pyrenees.
I wanted to experience extreme thrills and enjoy a wonderful experience.

My time of arrival, 7:30 am at the snow groomer garage at the resort; I witness a magnificent spectacle, the sunrise over Lake Matemale.

The expedition begins, a descent in a four-wheel drive with all the diving team and all the equipment required for this experience.
The road is magnificent, we drive over the snow through the forest.

A grandiose spectacle, with a deer running and crossing the road.
We arrive at a frozen lake with snow-covered trees. We unload…

Simply walking over a frozen lake, I’m in the middle of the lake, on the lake, I feel the ice cracking under my feet… a dull sound comes from the bottom of the lake, it’s really impressive.

Fortunately, the team reassures me by explaining that the lake is several dozens of centimetres thick.

It all starts with a cutting operation on the surface of the ice, on the Balcère Lake in Les Angles. Huge blocks of ice are removed one by one (I see that they’re 30 cm high)… They look like giant ice cubes…
Here, the water rarely exceeds 4°C, they tell me!
GLA GLA GLA!  Coveralls for the extreme cold, gloves and a protective face mask are essential.
I go and get changed and get my gear on while the team finished setting things up.

The show is fabulous… once underwater, there’s silence, of course. Magical. An experience to be enjoyed!


Diving differently

“Fresh” thrills guaranteed! Come and discover diving under mountain lakes.

Whether you’re beginners or experienced divers, you’ll move around under a layer of ice varying in thickness between 50cm and 2m with fully waterproof equipment.