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Hi Nicole, you’ve just spent some time in Angléo, Balnéo & Spa. What are your impressions of the place?

I came to spend a weekend in Les Angles with my husband and friends, just to unwind a bit. I come from Perpignan and I know Les Angles but I hadn’t had the opportunity to try out the Balnéo. After going through the changing rooms, we go down to the baths… I find a space lit up by the sun coming through large windows with several pools and saunas. Before diving into the main pool, we decide to go around the different areas, and we discover steam rooms, saunas and even a salt cave!! Then we see that there’s an access that leads to an outdoor pool. I want to go outside and see what’s there. The water is hot and the air is cool, but I don’t feel cold. The view of the old village and the ski slopes is breathtaking! I experience a moment of true relaxation. After that, I go back and relax in the large pool where the massage and swan’s neck jets invite me to relax. I confess that I didn’t notice the 2 hours go by, as the moment was so pleasant.


Didn’t you go to the treatment and aesthetics section to have a massage or a treatment session?

Unfortunately not, our weekend schedule was really packed, but my husband promised me that we’d come back for a duo massage, as the beauticians at Angléo offer this service. I can’t wait for it… I’ve already found the massage I want to have with him, it’s called the Getaway to Polynesia!

Angléo Balnéo & Spa