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During a summer meal, my neighbor advised me of a geological trail with, apparently, magnificent panoramas. We were on vacation in Les Angles for a week: my 9 year old son and myself.

Intrigued, we went to the Tourist Office to get more information about it.

Arrived at the reception, the hostess explains to us that it is called “A la recherche des Pyrénées Perdues” and is accessible from 7 years old. Phew! We can go there. She then gives us a very detailed guide that we read carefully: plan, advice, context,…


We go up in the gondola (still note an incredible view all the way) with a pedestrian pass and we quickly arrive at the top, at the arrival station Les Pélerins.

We were well advised to wear adequate shoes for about two hours of walking on the slopes. The terrain can be slippery, even in the height of summer!

On the spot, accompanied by the mysterious Kaos, we discovered the incredible geological history of the Catalan Pyrenees. All our knowledge has been tested in a fun way with the help of a short quiz in the brochure!

The goal of this thematic trail is to find a word to remember for each type of rock.

Next time we will start directly from the village and climb the Llaret green track: a good 3.5 hour walk!


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