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salle hors sac les angles


The Hors Sac hall in Les Angles is one of the largest and the most beautiful in Europe. Spacious, comfortable and free, this hall is located at the top of the slopes, 150m from the cable car, at an altitude of 2100m. It offers continuous embers at lunchtime; two people are responsible for fuelling the fire in the warm setting. You can have your picnic in the morning and come and have lunch in a cosy atmosphere in front of a large fireplace or on the terrace, depending on the weather.

The Hors Sac hall in Les Angles is out of the ordinary. Built in 1970. Due to its capacity and, in particular, because it allows people who take a break there to have a barbecue. Simply unique in France!

The Hors Sac hall in Les Angles has seen tribes pass by in search of a nice rallying point! Spacious, comfortable and freely accessible, it has a superb terrace with a breathtaking view of the Pyrenean chain. Unique in the mountains, this large and recently refurbished room also houses a large fireplace in which you can freely grill your roustes, calçot onions and other Catalan delicacies at lunchtime. Something to give another flavour to the family picnic!

Rachelle recounts her experience…
The end of the morning is approaching. I decide to take the cable car to go up to the top of the slopes. In the queue, I see at my feet a basket with bread, sausage and roustes… noticing my questioning gaze, my “neighbour” tells me that she’s going to have a barbecue at the top of the slopes, in the Hors Sac hall where the grills are available with continuous embers… Manu and his team welcome you and grill your lunch! YES, YES! We’re at an altitude of 2,000 metres and you can have a little barbecue with friends, the family…
When I arrive, a feeling of well-being comes over me. Some laugh, sunbathe and gaze at the panoramic view and a sweetness of life sets in. Time stops again… but the call of the belly is stronger, so I decide to sit on the terrace so as not to miss anything and have lunch!
On the panoramic terrace you can savour the grilled meat cooked over a wood fire in a timeless atmosphere.

Skiers and pedestrians flock to the barbecue.

Accessible to pedestrians or on skis from the slope… 2 minutes’ walk from the Des Pèlerins cable car.